Another gig. This time we will be in Hebe with Cotard on Friday 25. Admission is free, so you have no excuse. More information in the section live

We can confirm the date of the first concert, the 12 of September we will be in Motorizer bar which will be the first concert of this new season with Estrella on vocals. We hope everyone to come and give Estrella a welcome as she deserves. For more details go to the section live

PS: Soon we can announce another date...

So, summer is over and Señor de la Noche is back with reloaded batteries. We have several things ready for early September. The first is that the first gig of Señor de la Noche with Estrella is coming soon, so stay tuned because we will confirm the date in a few days. The second is that in a few weeks the new website will be available, in which we have worked these months, with new sections, some audio and many surprises. And there will be more, but for now this is all we can reveal at the moment.

The other day we took some photos of the new lineup, which will be uploaded soon, but for now we give you this, to see what you think.

Well guys, here's the good news that we can now announce: we introduce you Estrella Barrio, the new member of Señor de la Noche and our new sidekick. We are working with her to go onstage again for all of you as soon as possible, and also been working in our next album, so let’s get into business! Estrella, welcome to SN family!!!

Very special night we lived yesterday ... A great concert at WeRock and Mónica’s farewell to Señor de la Noche, due to her job (hopefully everything will go well and come out the way you want). Above all, our biggest and most sincere thanks to Monica, who shared this adventure for over two years, with whom we have grown as a band and that has given us so much, and yesterday ended her time in Señor de la Noche in style; you are great and you know you will always find your home here.

Soon we will give you good news, meanwhile, just THANK YOU!!!.

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